EtherMia are a unique project that has been conceptualised by 3 extremely talented singers Chai, Sofi & Lucy, who are also trained dancers in classical ballet, contemporary and modern dance. 


Over the last fourteen months, EtherMia have collaborated with various writers, producers, choreographers and actors. Recently, they have written songs with an international artist and have worked with an award winning gospel choir. Along with their own training in the arts, this process has enabled them to develop a symbiotic relationship; between themselves and their music.

EtherMia's ability to fuse fashion and dance with their music enables them to have an endless resource to draw from which in turn, manifests in the wide subjects they address through their writing.

Sofi singer, dancer, actress from West Sussex. At 14 she gained a placed at The Brit School studying all aspects of theatre: (including Bertolt Brecht), dance and music. She was then able to extend her skills at Bird College where she studied dance, including Cunningham and graham technique in contemporary exploring and a variety of singing and acting

Chai from Essex took her first ballet class at 2 years old and never looked back. She went on to train in singing, acting and dancing throughout her childhood, at 18 she gained a place at Laine Theatre Arts. Here is where she extended her knowledge in all aspects of dancing, singing and acting. This is when Chai fell in love with rapping and developed her own unique style. 

Lucy attended the Royal Ballet School and danced at the Royal Opera House: Nutcracker and Swan Lake. She continued her classical training at Elmhurst School of Dance and at 16 made a conscious effort to broaden her training and landed a place at the Laine Theatre Arts. She studied singing and contemporary dance and followed her interest in fashion. 

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