Halfway through the process of producing their first studio album, EtherMia were chosen to be part of a campaign for victim's of child abuse at Shirley Oaks Children's Home. The video featured on all the news channels as well as Newsnight and has over 100,000 views.


Quote from the Guardian:​"Of all the scandals being investigated by the inquiry (into child abuse) chaired by Prof Alexis Jay, this has the potential to be the most disturbing of all. The secrets of Shirley Oaks appear to be slowly emerging from some of the thousands of children who grew up in what used to be Britain’s biggest care home."  

The flag bearer to the campaign was the video, "Don't Touch It, It's Mine", which featured EtherMia as the singers. They also contributed to the video by suggesting to use dance to portray the violence committed on young, defenceless children.

Taking their roles as ambassadors seriously, the girls did their own research and went down to Shirley Oaks. They also insisted on reading all the background material and they accompanied the victims when they made a presentation at Lambeth Council.

Quote from EtherMia: "Working with the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association has been a life changing experience which has fed into our belief that music can be a great tool to address issues that are taboo."

The subsequent investigation by the survivors, identified 60 paedophiles and resulted in Lambeth Council accepting liability and they have recently set aside a budget of between 50-60 million pounds as compensation for the hundreds who suffered under Lambeth's care.

Don't Touch It. It's Mine

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